Bang Tao Beach

Bang Tao Beach - the longest and beautiful beaches in Phuket.

Phuket Beaches

Literally means "Lagoon". Located less than an hour away by taxi from the airport, in the northwest of Phuket. The beach is 5 km, it is a excellent place for all fans of surfing and attracts many rich and famous people from around the world. Bang Tao offers a first class hotel with staff, able to satisfy all requests of their own customers.

How to get to Bang Tao

During the trip from the airport to the beach with the taxi driver will take you about 600 Thai baht, which, in principle, a lot. Only half an hour and you will see white sand and endless sea. Patong Beach taxi ride takes only minutes 20, this direction is quite popular among tourists who go there for entertainment. It also offers a shuttle bus service that runs between the shopping centers, free ferries.

Walking, for example, on Surin Beach 15 only takes minutes.

Where to stay on the beach and do

Most travelers choose a hotel complex called Laguna 5 *. This gorgeous place - golf courses, beautiful hotel rooms, professional staff, restaurants, gyms and spa.

Constantly blowing wind and wave surfing and promote regular competitions in this sport. Bang Tao is great for swimming, diving near a coral reef.

Features Bang Tao

Without a doubt this is a beach paradise - white sand, clear blue water, Casuarinaceae Grove. Bank Tao specially selected and ennobled as the beach for wealthy travelers. Previously extracted in these locations only tin. We recommend to prepare for the prices in this elite place, they are relatively higher than at other resorts of the island.

Swimming and surfing can be almost any time, as the ebb and flow are not expressed. Local hotels offer their guests all the necessary beach equipment (towels, chairs and umbrellas), as well as yachts and boats. On the shore has a rather cafes and restaurants.

On Bang Tao almost no noisy local bazaars, inaccurate cafe with flashy music. Thus, the administration provides the perfect beach vacation - lying down with a cocktail on a sun lounger.


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