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Holidays in Thailand

Not only tropical rain, waves and hot sand beckon tourists to Thailand. Amazing culture, individual way and unique spiritual traditions make Thai holidays - colorful.


Holidays in Thailand

Holidays in Thailand

In each province of Thailand observed some local holidays, they usually are not tied to dates. But of all the dates, you can allocate more than twenty national and religious holidays.

Holidays in Thailand: Every holiday for Thais - is something of their own, private, particular, but at the same time - total.

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Culture of the country takes roots in Buddhism, and this belief - state. But Thais are very tolerant of other faiths and religions. That is why in Thailand spend the holidays of other cultures.

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Thais meet three times beginning of the year. 1 January - on the European calendar. At the junction of the second and third months of winter, the new moon - Thais greet Chinese New Year. And 13 April Songkran is celebrated a few days.

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Despite the large saturation holidays winter and spring to autumn leaves just two holidays - Loi Kratong Day and King Rama V, which is celebrated with a special grand scale.

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Individual development path and ancient history - Thailand made an amazing area, the holidays are worthy of detailed attention.

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Weather in Phuket in September

Weather in Phuket in September Phuket in September attracts travelers who appreciate calm and not afraid of rainy weather. And precisely tropical rains, which at times overtaken the island. Sea a little restless. But, for swimming, you can choose a more leisurely and quiet beaches. For example, on the east coast of the island.

The average temperature - 27 degrees.

Travelers in Phuket in September and slightly lower prices for housing. If you decide to go alone, if decent options.

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Read more about the weather in Phuket

Weather in Phuket in October

Weather in Phuket in October: In October, the season ends in Phuket rain. However, a chance to get under the sultry rain is possible, even if they are only at night. In addition to Phuket in October gay traveler colossal prazdnichkom. In the first half of the month on the island to the famous Vegetarian Festival. Please on the fun - a large fortune, that of adrenaline you will not experience anywhere else.

Relax on the beach is not very successful. Still in October in Phuket you can spend quite diverse - make a shopping trip to tour the island, go to the procedure for the whole body and relax to good use.

The average temperature in October - 27-28 degrees.

Read more about the weather in Phuket

Read more about the weather in Phuket

Weather in Phuket in May

Weather in Phuket in May:

At the end of the spring season begins in Phuket surfers and kiteboarders. If you are a delight to the waves and the wind, it is better to stop on the beaches of the western part of the island, it was there in May wakes the breeze and waves. Find surfing equipment is not difficult, it is possible to hire. However, remember the undercurrents - in May, they are strong enough. Usually this signal red flags placed on the beach.

If you want to enjoy the mild sun, you'd better choose the eastern part of the island. Here the sea is still quiet and you can dive, snorkel, fish or ride on a yacht.

Despite the fact that the end of the spring is associated with precipitation in Phuket, rain do not go there for days. More likely to have an hour, in the form of rain, and the island again pleases you warm rays and soft sand. In addition, the heat is not as scorching, which is an advantage of the May forecast.

Only in the late spring of the Andaman Sea is the warmest, especially if the water warmed. Despite the capriciousness and unpredictability of tropical rains and weather - the island is hospitable and May.

Weather in Phuket

Weather in Phuket

Vodoady Phuket

Vodoady Phuket: Since ancient times, the waterfalls were and still are one of the glitzy spectacle on earth. These natural phenomena are not repeatable, there are on the island of Phuket. Visit to Phuket and its natural attractions to visit, which is what the three major waterfalls of the island, would be a mistake. It is not only an eyeful, but also an unforgettable journey. Memories of which will warm during the long winter evenings, as well as please the eye with bright pictures of a successful vacation. As already mentioned the most popular, not only among foreign tourists, but also among the Thais themselves, are 3 Falls: Bangpea- Bangpea, Say- Ton Ton Sai, Katu- Kathu. Now a few words about these unique natural creations. Ton Sai Waterfall Is located on the territory of parka- Khao Phra Thaeo, at a place called Tepkrasattree. To the delight of motorists, and ordinary members of the tour group are excellent parking for cars and bikes, as well as a small but cozy restaurant, where you can sit quietly and try a variety of local dishes. However, to enter the territory, it is necessary to pay the entrance price is about somewhere in the region of Bad 200. The spectacle is not only the waterfall itself, but also around the park! The age of some trees which reaches 100 years and more. . No less beautiful and feathered inhabitants, as well as some species of animals living in the park. There just is Bangpea and waterfall, which is very popular among the local population, came to him with the whole family. Cool cascades of water, nature and scenic views await you here! 3-th waterfall Katu- lags in size from the previous two waterfalls, but that does not make it less attractive. Although the Thais say that the charm of the waterfall to appreciate only in the rainy season. On ordinary days, alas, can not be fully imbued with all the spectacular views of the waterfall.

Attractions Phuket

Attractions Phuket

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