Phuket Beaches

Phuket Beaches

Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao beach - this is the most quiet and longest beach in Phuket.

Phuket Beaches
A wonderful place for travelers who love the picturesque nature, walking and relax.
How to get there and where to settle on the beach

To get to it is very simple, because the beach is minutes away by taxi from any international airport - in the north-western part of Phuket. If you decide to take a walk, go south through the Nai Yang Beach, Nai Thon.

Since the beach is not popular among travelers, the infrastructure of the resort can boast only a few hotels (including premium), a complex of villas. However, for the comfort and level of service can not worry, they are at the proper level. To your attention SPA-salons, fitness centers, bars and cozy cafes, playgrounds for the youngest visitors.

How to have fun at the beach

An interesting feature of the beach is the fact that visiting it, you will not see a single umbrella or sun loungers. All due to the fact that the Mai Khao beach belongs to the national park. Starting from November to February, it swim large turtles and lay their eggs, and behind them ... sharks to profit. So we recommend a trip to this beach on the transfer of May - the month of October.

Mai Khao beach infrastructure is weak - a couple restaurants and massage parlors, water park Splash Jungle, which has seven thematic categories. In addition to water activities you can play sports games (basketball, football, tennis or volleyball). For hiking trail is great Thachatchay - You will be charmed mango swamps and wooden bridges on the fauna and flora will tell information signs.

Souvenirs friends and family can be purchased in small shops and shops, most of which are located directly at the hotel. In the local restaurants to try dishes from the sea cicadas or lobsters.

Freedom Beach, Phuket. Learn more about all the beaches of Phuket

Freedom Beach, Phuket. Learn more about all the beaches of Phuket

Mai Khao Beach - this delightful resort that will leave your heart in excellent impression.

Karon Beach

Karon Beach, which is the second most popular on the island, located in the South-Western part of the island.

Has an extensive infrastructure that pleases tourists calm and measured atmosphere, is considered the cleanest beach on the island.

How to get to the beach Karon

Phuket Beaches

The beach is just an hour away by taxi or bus from the local airport in Phuket. If you are planning to stay in one of the local hotels before you arrive be sure to ask about the availability of transfer (many hotels offer this service for tourists). Patong Beach, Kata Beach, which are located within walking distance from Karon Beach, can be reached by catching a taxi or (if there is sufficient courage) within walking distance. Also quite common local services is to rent a motorbike.

Where to settle on Karon Beach

The choice of places to stay is quite large, because the beach is famous for its well-developed infrastructure. It's like a five-star hotels, as well as the so-called budget guesthouses. One characteristic of the local hotels is that they are often located outside the first line, 200-300 m. In this arrangement, there is a definite plus - the purity of the local beach, which is easier to observe and support.

Ideas for hanging on Karon Beach

The main advantages of the beach - a snow-white coral sand, which is incredibly crackles underfoot, and warm waters of the Andaman Sea. Aligning them with the infrastructure, we get a great cocktail recreation and entertainment.

The beach provides a huge choice of fun on the water - sailing or riding a banana, or water skiing and stuff. However, it is worthwhile to be attentive, since with strong waves, bathing is better to be postponed for another time (red flags on the territory signal it). This time is great for fans of kiting and windsurfing. Snorkeling and diving lovers are advised to visit the southern part of the beach called Karon-Noi. After a day of entertainment, you should pay attention to the night - go to the bar with an interesting program or disco. If the incandescence level seems insufficient, you can go to a more cheerful Patong.

In the north of Karon Beach is a cozy restaurant with national cuisine, as well as a luxurious selection of seafood dishes (European menu is only a few). Those who like shopping - shops, shopping center Karon Circle, where you can buy souvenirs, sunglasses, clothes and shoes at a reasonable cost, and the night market.

Couples with children offer to visit Dino Park in the south of the beach, and play mini-golf, Karon Beach in the north during the feast of Loy enjoy the descent on the water floating lanterns.

Despite the number of tourists, Karon Beach is a wonderful place for a soothing, relaxing holiday.




Kalim Beach

Kalim Beach - a special beach for all Phuket.

Phuket Beaches

You may ask "why"? Despite the unsuitability for swimming, holidaymakers here is no less than to the most popular beach of Patong. All due to the fact that the beach is close to Kalim fun and crowded beaches of Patong (some even believe Kalim continuation of its northern part).

By itself, Kalim Beach - a rocky coast with two pieces of sand on which to sunbathe or swim. However, it should be very careful not to get hurt on coastal reefs and rocks, barefoot on the beach Kalim better not walk. During low tide we recommend a viewing coral reefs and dive under the water and watch its inhabitants - here and seashells, starfish, cucumbers, a large number of multi-colored fish, etc.

In addition to fans of the underwater world, Kalim Beach - a perfect place for surfers during the monsoon winds and surging waves (June to September). The resort is also popular with tourists who visit the nightlife at Patong Beach, but a day like peace and quiet. Since the beach is not suitable for swimming, you will not find here hire sun loungers, parasols and other equipment for water entertainment. The resort hotel quite different levels, cozy restaurants and bars with an interesting menu, wonderful views of the sea line.

Kalim Beach - a excellent place to appease the day of rest after a stormy night on Patong Beach, as well as a good option for travelers who did not find lodging in Patong



Bang Tao Beach

Bang Tao Beach - the longest and beautiful beaches in Phuket.

Phuket Beaches

Literally means "Lagoon". Located less than an hour away by taxi from the airport, in the northwest of Phuket. The beach is 5 km, it is a excellent place for all fans of surfing and attracts many rich and famous people from around the world. Bang Tao offers a first class hotel with staff, able to satisfy all requests of their own customers.

How to get to Bang Tao

During the trip from the airport to the beach with the taxi driver will take you about 600 Thai baht, which, in principle, a lot. Only half an hour and you will see white sand and endless sea. Patong Beach taxi ride takes only minutes 20, this direction is quite popular among tourists who go there for entertainment. It also offers a shuttle bus service that runs between the shopping centers, free ferries.

Walking, for example, on Surin Beach 15 only takes minutes.

Where to stay on the beach and do

Most travelers choose a hotel complex called Laguna 5 *. This gorgeous place - golf courses, beautiful hotel rooms, professional staff, restaurants, gyms and spa.

Constantly blowing wind and wave surfing and promote regular competitions in this sport. Bang Tao is great for swimming, diving near a coral reef.

Features Bang Tao

Without a doubt this is a beach paradise - white sand, clear blue water, Casuarinaceae Grove. Bank Tao specially selected and ennobled as the beach for wealthy travelers. Previously extracted in these locations only tin. We recommend to prepare for the prices in this elite place, they are relatively higher than at other resorts of the island.

Swimming and surfing can be almost any time, as the ebb and flow are not expressed. Local hotels offer their guests all the necessary beach equipment (towels, chairs and umbrellas), as well as yachts and boats. On the shore has a rather cafes and restaurants.

On Bang Tao almost no noisy local bazaars, inaccurate cafe with flashy music. Thus, the administration provides the perfect beach vacation - lying down with a cocktail on a sun lounger.


Phi Phi Island - PHI - PHI

Phi Phi Island - PHI - PHI

Nai Thon Beach

Nai Thon Beach: One of the most remote from civilization beaches of Thailand - Nai Thon beach is.

Phuket Beaches

The bay in which it is located is closed from the waves and winds by rocky beautiful capes. This is just a wonderful place for fishing and diving, to the beach Nai Ton leads a hidden path in the woods past a small village of Surin. Walk a couple of kilometers to the north of it, bypassing the turn to Bang Tao, and turn left near the next village. Behind Nai Ton itself there are wild, undeveloped beaches. Only very rich people can afford to buy a villa or an apartment in the area. On this beach, the well-known film The Bridget Jones Diaries was filmed, which suggests that Nai Ton beach is one of the most beautiful places in Phuket!

Koh Samet - KOH SAMED

Koh Samet - KOH SAMED

Infrastructure beach Nai Ton is not fully developed and developers of resort areas Phuket did not reach these places. Thanks to this, it is a peaceful, quiet and cozy place, perfectly suitable for a measured sailing. Sea water here is clean even in the peak season of the tourist season. On the shore of Nai Ton there are cozy restaurants, where you can taste delicious food, drink and enjoy an excellent view. During the so-called "low season" period, there is practically no one in these places, and this is just a great time for those holidaymakers who value calmness and exceptional silence. During this period, there are restaurants located some distance from the sea, which offer both a menu of Thai cuisine and other countries. Gourmets are advised to visit Mareblue Corner on the territory of Andaman White Beach Resort or the restaurants of the Trisara hotel. The main distinguishing feature of Nai Ton is its amazing nature - pristine forests, coral reefs, rocky beaches (diving activities are available on the territory). Against the backdrop of this picturesque landscape, even the most inveterate workaholic will rest.



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