Nai Thon Beach

Nai Thon Beach: One of the most remote from civilization beaches of Thailand - Nai Thon beach is.

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The bay in which it is located, is closed by the waves and winds beautiful rocky headlands. It's just a wonderful place for fishing and diving, to the beach Nai Thon is a hidden path in the woods near the small village of Surin. Walk a few kilometers to the north of it, passing the turn at Bang Tao, and turn left at the next village. For themselves Nai Thon are wild, nor anyone else studied beaches. Only the very rich can afford to buy a villa or apartment in the area. This beach was filmed famous film Bridget Jones's Diary, which suggests that the Nai Thon beach is one of the most beautiful places in Phuket!

Koh Samet - KOH SAMED

Koh Samet - KOH SAMED

Infrastructure Nai Thon not quite developed and developers Phuket resort areas not reached these places. Due to this it is peaceful, quiet and comfortable place, perfectly suitable for measured swimming. Sea water is clean even during the peak period of the tourist season. On the banks of Nai Thon are cozy restaurants, visiting which you can have a tasty meal, have a drink and enjoy the great views. During the so-called "low season" in these places almost no one and it's just a great time for those travelers who value peace and quiet exceptional. During this period, operating restaurants located at some distance from the sea, offering a menu of Thai dishes as well as other countries. Gourmets recommend to pay a visit to the Mareblue Corner on the territory of Andaman White Beach Resort or the restaurants at Trisara. The main feature of Nai Thon is a marvelous nature - pristine forests, coral reefs, rocky shores (on site accessible diving). Against this background, the picturesque landscape of even the most avid rest workaholic.



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