Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach - cozy and quiet, even a little wildly.

Located to the north of the island, 30 km from Phuket. This is an excellent choice for travelers who like to rest in tents "savages". Because the bay is closed to the sea near coral reefs, complete unity with nature and its beauty, you are guaranteed, not only from the window of a first class hotel. On the beach you can also find a sufficient number of restaurants and cafes, bars, shops and points of rental cars.

How to get to the beach of Nai Yang

At Nai Yang can meet a lot of the local population, as Thais love him for his "savagery." White sand and casuarinas in their view is a wonderful place to organize a picnic, so here you will find all the necessary equipment.

Access to the beach is easy - just 10 minutes south of the airport on Highway 402.

Things to do on the beach

Three times a week opens the local little market where you can buy local exotic products (delicatessen, fruit and vegetables, souvenirs relatives and friends, etc.).

Starting with 1986 years, this beach is part of the National Park, an area spanning 90 km. To your attention mangroves, delightful aroma of sea water, scenic views. If you wish you can take a guide or a leisurely stroll on their own, relying on the information signs to get acquainted with the local flora and fauna. Powerboating entertainment on the beach, unfortunately, no.

For spiritual and aesthetic development, take a walk to the temple of Wat Nai-Yang. From extreme entertainment you can experience kitesurfing (services and rental on the beach are inexpensive). For girls, there is a wide choice of massages, interesting procedures for the care of one's face and body, SPA procedures. Also, you can get a couple of lessons from the masters and return home with a certificate of a massage therapist. The cost of the course is 800 - 1 000 Thai Baht. There are courses for yoga lovers at a price ranging from 1 000 Thai Baht, cooking courses for national dishes, etc. During the low tide, we advise you to go and see the beauty of coral reefs, large storm waves - to collect an excellent collection of shells for free.

Distinctive features of Nai Yang Beach

This beach is long in 3 km and coral reefs two decades ago have seen huge two-meter turtles, sailing on the clutch. In the sand is a large pearl. Of course, this is not surprising, because Nai Yang - is a protected area and for causing damage to the nature of penalties. On its territory filmed scenes for the film "Bridget Jones's Diary."

Nai Yang is excellent for walking, but for swimming - not very much, because of the steep descent into the water. It is better to organize a picnic here, or rent a beach chair and umbrella to get a great tan. If you want to take a ride on an elephant, you can order this service here.

Nightly entertainment on the beach there, so you can enjoy plenty of silence, the sound of waves and the night sky.

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