Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao beach - this is the most quiet and longest beach in Phuket.

Phuket Beaches
A wonderful place for travelers who love the picturesque nature, walking and relax.
How to get there and where to settle on the beach

To get to it is very simple, because the beach is minutes away by taxi from any international airport - in the north-western part of Phuket. If you decide to take a walk, go south through the Nai Yang Beach, Nai Thon.

Since the beach is not popular among travelers, the infrastructure of the resort can boast only a few hotels (including premium), a complex of villas. However, for the comfort and level of service can not worry, they are at the proper level. To your attention SPA-salons, fitness centers, bars and cozy cafes, playgrounds for the youngest visitors.

How to have fun at the beach

An interesting feature of the beach is the fact that visiting it, you will not see a single umbrella or sun loungers. All due to the fact that the Mai Khao beach belongs to the national park. Starting from November to February, it swim large turtles and lay their eggs, and behind them ... sharks to profit. So we recommend a trip to this beach on the transfer of May - the month of October.

Mai Khao beach infrastructure is weak - a couple restaurants and massage parlors, water park Splash Jungle, which has seven thematic categories. In addition to water activities you can play sports games (basketball, football, tennis or volleyball). For hiking trail is great Thachatchay - You will be charmed mango swamps and wooden bridges on the fauna and flora will tell information signs.

Souvenirs friends and family can be purchased in small shops and shops, most of which are located directly at the hotel. In the local restaurants to try dishes from the sea cicadas or lobsters.

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Freedom Beach, Phuket. Learn more about all the beaches of Phuket

Mai Khao Beach - this delightful resort that will leave your heart in excellent impression.

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