Weather in Phuket in May

Weather in Phuket in May:

At the end of the spring season begins in Phuket surfers and kiteboarders. If you are a delight to the waves and the wind, it is better to stop on the beaches of the western part of the island, it was there in May wakes the breeze and waves. Find surfing equipment is not difficult, it is possible to hire. However, remember the undercurrents - in May, they are strong enough. Usually this signal red flags placed on the beach.

If you want to enjoy the mild sun, you'd better choose the eastern part of the island. Here the sea is still quiet and you can dive, snorkel, fish or ride on a yacht.

Despite the fact that the end of the spring is associated with precipitation in Phuket, rain do not go there for days. More likely to have an hour, in the form of rain, and the island again pleases you warm rays and soft sand. In addition, the heat is not as scorching, which is an advantage of the May forecast.

Only in the late spring of the Andaman Sea is the warmest, especially if the water warmed. Despite the capriciousness and unpredictability of tropical rains and weather - the island is hospitable and May.

Weather in Phuket

Weather in Phuket

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