Weather in Phuket in October

Weather in Phuket in October: In October, the season ends in Phuket rain. However, a chance to get under the sultry rain is possible, even if they are only at night. In addition to Phuket in October gay traveler colossal prazdnichkom. In the first half of the month on the island to the famous Vegetarian Festival. Please on the fun - a large fortune, that of adrenaline you will not experience anywhere else.

Relax on the beach is not very successful. Still in October in Phuket you can spend quite diverse - make a shopping trip to tour the island, go to the procedure for the whole body and relax to good use.

The average temperature in October - 27-28 degrees.

Read more about the weather in Phuket

Read more about the weather in Phuket

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