Holidays in Thailand

Not only tropical rain, waves and hot sand beckon tourists to Thailand. Amazing culture, individual way and unique spiritual traditions make Thai holidays - colorful.


Holidays in Thailand

Holidays in Thailand

In each province of Thailand observed some local holidays, they usually are not tied to dates. But of all the dates, you can allocate more than twenty national and religious holidays.

Holidays in Thailand: Every holiday for Thais - is something of their own, private, particular, but at the same time - total.

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Culture of the country takes roots in Buddhism, and this belief - state. But Thais are very tolerant of other faiths and religions. That is why in Thailand spend the holidays of other cultures.

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Thais meet three times beginning of the year. 1 January - on the European calendar. At the junction of the second and third months of winter, the new moon - Thais greet Chinese New Year. And 13 April Songkran is celebrated a few days.

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Despite the large saturation holidays winter and spring to autumn leaves just two holidays - Loi Kratong Day and King Rama V, which is celebrated with a special grand scale.

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Individual development path and ancient history - Thailand made an amazing area, the holidays are worthy of detailed attention.

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