The ceremony of the first furrow

11 May ceremony of the first furrow

One of the major celebrations in Thailand, held each year, is dedicated to the beginning of the new agricultural season. Feast of the first furrow (Royal Plowing Ceremony) - an ancient tradition, ceremony appointed by the middle of May, on the number 11. Celebration takes place in the heart of Bangkok, in the royal park Sanam Luang. It is situated near the famous temple of Wat Phra Kaew, not far from the Grand Palace.

It is believed that the First Furrow Ceremony is rooted in the Brahmin tradition. This holiday has its history already 2 500 years. It was held before the appearance of the Buddha. There is also a legend that he, being a prince, participated in this celebration. Court astrologers-brahmanas choose the right time for this celebration. Today, the function of the head of the holiday is performed by an approximate king, whom he himself blesses in the temple and appoints Chief Plowman. His Majesty himself is only a guest at this event. The essence of this ritual is to predict the amount of precipitation for the coming year. For this, the Chief Plowman was offered 3 identical at first glance tape. If he chooses a short piece, then there will be a lot of precipitation, medium length - the rains will go moderately, and the longest ribbon means that the weather will be arid.

The next memorable ritual is the plowing of the first furrow, in honor of which the holiday got its name. The Chief Plowman changes into "Panung" (a detail of the traditional costume of the inhabitants of Thailand) and plows the park section with a red gilded plow, on which bulls are depicted. In the plow, white bulls are harnessed, with horns embroidered with woven ornaments. They are accompanied by 4 girls with precious bowls, which are filled with rice grains. Next to the beauties are the brahmanas and play on the shells. After the bulls plow the strip, they should try grain, hay, corn, sesame, water and a drink. The fact that the bulls will prefer the rest, it will grow in abundance in the coming year.

At the end of the ritual Plowman sows the seeds of rice, and the audience can pick up grains of corn from the furrow. It is believed that rice, sown with other grains, will bear much fruit, the one who planted it.

Holidays and Festivals in Thailand

Holidays and Festivals in Thailand

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